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room for rent in Islamabad

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Pakistan.The only purpose - built city of the country, Islamabad is known for its breathtaking natural beauty.You will find abundant greenery, parks, gorgeous sights, forests, and wildlife in Islamabad while also getting to enjoy the city’s amazing weather the year - round.

While people from all socio-economic backgrounds reside in Islamabad, there is nothing that one would miss out on to achieve a high - end lifestyle in Pakistan while living here.A lot of famous businessmen, politicians, and celebrities own real estate properties in Islamabad.Their beautiful and extravagant properties add to the beauty of the city.

renting a room in Islamabad

To enjoy the city’s beauty and lifestyle, you can easily choose from a vast variety of room for rent in Islamabad.There are hundreds of homes for rent available in various sectors of Islamabad such as G - 11, I - 10, G - 8, F - 6, G - 10, and G - 6.

Although the rents in Islamabad in the poshest areas are a bit on the higher side, you can still find a small room for rent in Islamabad.If you’re moving to the city from somewhere far away and don’t want to go through the hassle of bringing everything along, you can also look for a furnished room for rent in Islamabad.

Why rent a room in Islamabad

Oftentimes, we are asked one of the most common questions of all time when it comes to renting, ‘Why to rent a room in Islamabad ?’. The answer is simple, the city of Islamabad has all you can ever wish for. From basic facilities such as water, electricity, education, healthcare to security, and world -class infrastructure, there is no way that Islamabad can disappoint you.There are thousands of job opportunities in Islamabad as well.

Most people tend to rent a room in Islamabad because of its iconic features such as the scenic views in Islamabad and the peaceful environment that you will get to enjoy here.While in Islamabad, you can always go for an early morning hiking trip to the Margalla Hills, have picnics at any park of your choice or simply head to Rawal Lake.

Facilities in Islamabad

If you live in Islamabad, you will get to avail of many of the finest facilities that Pakistan has to offer. Islamabad has exemplary infrastructure and a lot of spacious playgrounds, lush green parks, cinemas, and theatres.


Islamabad has some of the best colleges and universities of the country which is why renting a house in Islamabad has been a top choice for many students who come to this city for educational purposes.

Transportation System

As a resident of the city of Islamabad, you will be able to have many transport options at ease.It won’t be a problem for you to commute from one part of the city to another even if you don’t own a vehicle of your own. There are plenty of transportation services available in Islamabad.The working class usually commutes through Metro Bus Service which is widely spread across all the major areas of the city.Private cab services are also operational in Islamabad. Islamabad is also completely safe if you choose to commute using an environment-friendly mode such as cycling.


Once you have rented a house in Islamabad, you do not have to worry about your safety and security as it is considered to be the safest city in Pakistan because of its high-end security system.There are over 1500 surveillance cameras installed across the city.The rate of theft and robbery is also very low as compared to other cities of Pakistan. There are also a wide number of security companies in Islamabad that are always there to provide you with topnotch security services for your house.

Lifestyle in Islamabad

Islamabad offers a lifestyle that is far better than many other cities in Pakistan.There are many markets and shopping malls in Islamabad from where you can shop. If you are willing to opt for a healthy lifestyle, you will find dozens of classy gyms in Islamabad. The city’s favorite hangout spot, Centaurus Mall Islamabad will also be easily accessible for you.If you head to Super Market Islamabad, you will find all sorts of branded shops and grocery stores in Islamabad as well. The hospitals in Islamabad provide complete and up to the mark healthcare services and are highly responsible for conducting their job.If you rent a house in Islamabad, you will certainly not have to worry about finding the best doctors in Pakistan.

Nearby Places

Find the right house for rent in Islamabad and you will get to explore hundreds of places to visit in Islamabad.The Rose and Jasmine Gardens are known as one of the best parks in Islamabad.The hotels and restaurants in Islamabad are famous for their food, ambiance, and services. The New Islamabad Airport being just over 20 kilometers from Zero Point only adds to the multiple facilities that Islamabad gets to avail.