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plot for sale in Lahore

Lahore is the second - largest city in Pakistan and also the 26th largest city in the world.Lahore is also the provincial capital of Punjab.

Heavily enriched with historical sites, beautiful gardens, culture, and exquisite cuisine, Lahore is one of the top tourist destinations in Pakistan.Lahore is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back to the 1st and 7th centuries A.D.

Not only that, but Lahore is also one of Pakistan’s most socially liberal, progressive and cosmopolitan cities.

Investment Overview in Lahore

If you are interested in moving to Lahore, you can easily find a new plot for sale in Lahore and move in right away.There are many residential properties available in Lahore including ‘plot for sale in johar town Lahore’, ‘farm-plot for sale in Lahore’, ‘plot for sale in Bahria town Lahore’, furnished plot for sale in Lahore’, ‘plot for sale in Iqbal town Lahore’, ‘plot for sale in Wapda town Lahore’ and ‘plot for sale in DHA Lahore’.

Thanks to the rapid growth, development, and ever - fresh vibe of Lahore, it has always been extremely suitable for making a real estate investment in Lahore.Due to the fact that the city has so much to offer to its residents, investors have been keeping a close eye on every small and large scale investment opportunity in Lahore.There are many affordable plots for sale in Lahore.You can find 5 marla plot for sale in Lahore.

Lahore is famous for its arts, culture, festivals, lifestyle, fashion, and food.It is also known for the wide opportunities of education it provides, especially in the field of literature.

Lahore has greatly been visited by tourists from all over the world.It is also the center of Pakistan’s film industry, Lollywood.A major portion of the media and publishing industry of Pakistan also operates from Lahore.

Business opportunities in Lahore

Being a business hub of Pakistan, Lahore offers great avenues for business and employment.Due to the presence of many industries and businesses, Lahore has gained the status of the wealthiest city in Pakistan.


Lahore Development Authority(LDA) manages Lahore and looks after the development projects in the city.One of the primary goals of LDA is to make Lahore a model city for the globe. Over the years, the city known for its gardens and parks has seen some great improvements in its overall infrastructure.There have been massive developments in terms of roads, bridges, new buildings, recreational spots, and shopping malls.

Living in Lahore

Lahore provides a great quality of life to its residents by offering almost all of the top - tier facilities of Pakistan.Amongst the huge population of 11.13 million people, a significant number enjoys upper - middle and upper -class socioeconomic status.

Facilities in Lahore

Lahore is a modern and well-established city that offers all basic and modern amenities & facilities such as clean and safe drinking water, electricity, gas, best internet services, spacious playgrounds and parks, burial grounds, animal shelters, citizen service stations, vocational centers, schools, colleges, and universities.

Shopping Centers in Lahore

Lahore is widely popular among the masses for its gigantic local markets and posh shopping malls. Some of the most famous local markets in Lahore include Liberty Market, Ichra, Shahalmi Bazar, and Anarkali Bazar. There are many famous shopping malls in Lahore as well such as Emporium Mall, Packages Mall, Gulberg Galleria, Mall of Lahore, Fortress Stadium, Amanah Mall, and Avenue Mall.

Food Facilities in Lahore

Food is the speciality of Lahoris. From desi dishes to continental dishes, Lahore has a huge variety of dishes to offer.Some of the well-known desi dishes available in Lahore include Paaye, Hareesa, Nihari, Halwa Puri, BBQ, and handis. Lahore is also home to some of the most famous restaurants in Pakistan including Urban Kitchen, Novu, A Piece of Cake, Pasta La Vista, Scafe, Sweet Tooth, Butt Karahi, and Lahore Chatkhara.

Education Facilities in Lahore

Lahore is known in the country for its educational institutes.There are many private and public best schools in Lahore including Beaconhouse School System, LGS- Lahore Grammar School and Aitchison College. The oldest and one of the largest universities in Pakistan, Punjab University is also present in Lahore.Apart from Punjab University some of the famous universities in Lahore include LUMS, UET, University of Lahore, etc.

Transportation System in Lahore

Being a modern city with excellent infrastructure, Lahore is also way ahead when it comes to public transport.Apart from common ride-hailing services such as Bykea, Careem, and Uber, Lahore is also known for its extensive network of local taxis, rickshaws, and buses.In short, Lahore's transport service is excellent for the masses. LDA has been paying great attention to the transportation system in the city which aims to bring convenience to the lives of its residents.The condition of public transport in Lahore is far better than in other cities of Pakistan. One of the most commonly used means of transportation in Lahore is the Metro Bus Service which is run by the Government of Pakistan.

Security in Lahore

Lahore is a very safe and secure city. Lahore is closely monitored through security cameras installed by the Government to control the crime rate in the city. The Traffic Police, Lahore has lately brought some reforms in its operations in the city. As strictness tends to increase, the city has seen a significant decrease in road accidents.

Healthcare Facilities in Lahore

Lahore is blessed to have some of the best healthcare facilities in all of the country. People from all parts of Pakistan head to Lahore’s famous hospitals.Some of the best hospitals in Lahore include Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center, Combined Military Hospital Lahore, Jinnah Hospital, and Mayo Hospital.

Lahore Nearby Places

Lahore is known for its huge variety of recreational activities. You can always find multiple things to do in Lahore.There are a number of activities that you can do in Lahore, however, sightseeing tops them all. Lahore transport service can be used to reach these places as well. If you are interested in exploring old architecture and historical places in Lahore then the Walled City of Lahore is a perfect place for you.You can visit places like Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum, Sheesh Mehal, Alamgiri Gate, Moti Masjid, Shalimar Gardens, and Minar-e-Pakistan. There are also many religious sites in Lahore such as the Krishna Temple and Valmiki Mandir, the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh, and houses the funerary urns of the Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Some of the most famous religious buildings in Lahore are Badshahi Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque.